Looking for some details about Tibia? Searching for information in your language? Interested in some funny stories and helpful articles of your fellow Tibia players? Curious about the latest developments of your favourite online game Tibia? The fansites listed here might be just the right place to visit.

Please note that the supported and promoted fansites are not run by us. Consequently, we assume no liability for their content, even though we keep an eye on them. Please keep this in mind while visiting. Also, we strongly advise you not to download any files or programs.
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Promoted Fansites

The promoted fansites are constantly up-to-date and offer own generated content on a regular basis.
GuildStats.eu GuildStats.eu Main contact: Sir Dzidek
You and your guild would like to find out how you are doing compared to others? GuildStats.eu is all about guilds. It allows you to compare guilds, keeps track of wars, will show you the largest guild, the oldest guild, world statistics concerning guilds, etc. In addition to this, you will find articles and screenshots. This fansite is available in several languages.
PortalTibia.com.br PortalTibia.com.br Main contact: Little Azo
You speak Portuguese and are looking for information on Tibia in your mother tongue? Then visit Portal Tibia! A great Brazilian fansite. Here you can read interesting articles about Tibia in Portuguese and join discussions about them. You are a writer yourself? You can also contribute to Portal Tibia and publish an article about Tibia there. Besides this, you can also participate in their forum.
Rookie.com.pl Rookie.com.pl Main contact: Insane Rookstar
Do you speak Polish and would like to get to know more about Rookgaard? Rookie.com.pl is the fansite you want to visit. Read articles about Tibia and Rookgaard in Polish, and connect with many Rookgaard fans. Pay them a visit and find out what is happening on Tibia's traditional beginners island.
Tibia-Stats.com Tibia-Stats.com Main contact: Dans cruf
Interested in statistics? Tibia-Stats.com is all about that. Create an account there to collect your own hunting data. Based on this data, your own personal statistics will be created - the number of killed creatures, your favourite creatures, killed bosses, number of looted items and so on. That is not all, though. You can also find several useful functions as well as some research articles and interesting news about Tibia.
Tibia.Wikia.com Tibia.Wikia.com Main contact: Hunter of Dragoes
Knowledge! Monsters, items, spells, NPCs - in Tibia's own Wiki you find information to practically everything that exists in Tibia. No matter if you are looking for a text of a Tibian book, want to know how to obtain a certain item, or need hints for a quest, on this fansite you get the answers. It also gives you tips on how to improve your gameplay and offers useful hints on how to avoid being scammed.
TibiaEvents.com TibiaEvents.com Main contact: Umbra mckeening
Interested in events? Have a look at TibiaEvents.com to find out about past events and future events, browse and share videos and pictures and join a community of Tibia players who are all interested in ingame events. An event wiki is in development and will be filled up with time, maybe you can even contribute. Pay them a visit, if all this sounds interesting to you!
TibiaLatina.Wikia.com TibiaLatina.Wikia.com Main contact: Etien
¿Necesitas completar un quest? Tibialatina.Wikia.com is an encyclopaedia for Tibia in Spanish. You can find information about quests, items, creatures, spells, achievements, outfits, mounts, cities, NPCs, world changes & events, video tutorials, and so on. Furthermore, they have a facebook fanpage for their community, they organise contests and real life conventions every now and then, a great opportunity to meet others Tibians.
TibiaRoyal.com TibiaRoyal.com Main contact: Uman the Royal
TibiaRoyal.com is a place where Tibians can gather and share their experiences, thoughts and knowledge. They offer nifty tools, guides, videos, screenshots, wallpapers and plenty of other things. Look around TibiaRoyal.com, and you will find ways to contribute yourself to the fansite in several places.
TibiaVenezuela.com TibiaVenezuela.com Main contact: Rohade Khaori
¿Hablas español? TibiaVenezuela is a great fansite from Venezuela. You can find lots of information about Tibia in Spanish here. Just to name a few examples, there are news, interviews and articles, guides, detailed information on items, creatures and NPCs. In their forum you can meet many other players from Venezuela and other countries and exchange your ideas. De Venezuela para el mundo!
TibiaWiki.com.br TibiaWiki.com.br Main contact: Jess Leewyn
Você fala Português? Are you looking for information on Tibia? Then TibiaWiki.com.br is the right place for you. This Portuguese wiki might hold answers for questions you never dared to ask! Check it out, and when you have become an expert on Tibia yourself, think about contributing to help others learn more about their favourite game!
TibioPedia.pl TibioPedia.pl Main contact: Mastro Daro
Mówisz po polsku? If you do, you will most certainly enjoy a visit on this Polish fansite. Besides news articles and a forum, you can find information on quests, spells, monsters, items, achievements and NPCs in Polish there. In addition, you can also play around with some fun features, for example the Tibiopedia DressUp, Outfiter, Loot Seller, My Quests/Achievements, and many more. Go check it out, on Tibiopedia.pl!

Supported Fansites

Our supported fansites are a great source of information - no matter what you are looking for.
BomDiaTibia.com BomDiaTibia.com Main contact: Wachusett
BomDiaTibia.com is a fansite in Portuguese, with a strong emphasis on podcasts and guides. Apart from these features, you can also find articles, a forum, polls, and extra information such as statistics, for example. Get yourself some morning coffee and check out BomDiaTibia to get the news about your favourite game!
FunTibia.com FunTibia.com Main contact: Leferty
Had a good laugh while playing Tibia? Share it with others on FunTibia.com! Or are you just in a bad mood and need a laugh? Read what others have submitted already. On this fansite, you can submit pictures, videos, quotes - basically, whatever you like, as long as it is funny. You can also join a more serious discussion in their forum, though. This fansite focusses on English, Polish and Portuguese. Have fun!
LootPic.com LootPic.com Main contact: Kayou Lightbringer
Ever wanted to create a nice picture with all the loot you have collected in your hunt? Try out the lootpic generator, set the different filters to your likings, and share your collections with the Tibia community. All information on this fansite is presented in English and Polish.
MrThomsen.de MrThomsen.de Main contact: Pateta ao Vollante
Are you looking for statistics about Tibian characters and worlds? If so, pay a visit to MrThomsen. You will find all sorts of statistics here. You can follow the development of your own character or that of others, look at character deaths, or check who moved to your game world, etc. If you wish for some statistics that are not there yet, share your idea, and you might find them soon then on MrThomsen.de!
RadioGoroma.com.br RadioGoroma.com.br Main contact: Yutx Healer
Tibia has no sound? Not a problem. Visit RadioGoroma.com.br and enjoy their music or listen to their Tibia programmes during your hunts. You can check out news about Tibia in Portuguese or check out their video collection. They also invite you to submit Song requests when they are live.
TibiaBosses.com TibiaBosses.com Main contact: Mad Def
Interested in fighting some mean Tibian bosses? Check out TibiaBosses.com and have a look at their statistics, or their bosspedia to get more information about a certain boss. Meet other players in their forum to discuss tactics and share screenshots.
TibiaCubix.com TibiaCubix.com Main contact: Joao matheus
Have you ever wanted to bring some Tibia monsters into the real world? Now it is possible with Tibia Cubix. All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, and a spawn place. On this fansite, you find a collection of awesome Tibia paper toys. Create an orc, a sheep, a rotworm, or a dwarf, for example. Visit Tibia Cubix from time to time to discover new cubixies. Print out your favourite templates and start your collection.
TibiaGuias.com.br TibiaGuias.com.br Main contact: Titahh
TibiaGuias.com.br is a fansite for Tibia, created with love. You can find there tutorials, interesting articles, videos and news about Tibia, all in Portuguese. Pay them a visit, and make yourself a home in their forum!
TibiaHof.com TibiaHof.com Main contact: Wax Simulacra
At TibiaHof.com, Tibia's Hall of Fame, you can share your Tibia screenshots with the world, you can create different albums, create your own profile with information about your character and you can also browse other character profiles and comment on their pictures, for example. Have a look at famous Tibia players!
TibiaLottery.com TibiaLottery.com Main contact: Shane who likes Cake
Do you want to create a lottery and need an unbiased way to draw a winner? Tibialottery offers you such a function and will tell you the names of the winners at your chosen drawing date. Creating a lottery is easy, and you do not have to worry that participants will complain afterwards. In addition, you can also view the results of drawn lotteries. A nice statistic function keeps track of how many lotteries are drawn.
TibiaML.com TibiaML.com Main contact: Craen
Tibia ML stands for Tibia multilingual. You can find all sort of information about Tibia in different languages there. They offer several guides, information on items, quests, as well as statistics and several calculators, for example. Also, you can share your videos and screenshots with other Tibia players and particpate in their forum.
TibiaMagazine.com.ve TibiaMagazine.com.ve Main contact: Liony
Tibia Magazine offers a real magazine, available in Spanish and English. Each month a new magazine gets published. In it, you can read stories, interviews, articles and see nice pictures, all about Tibia. Want to flip through the pages and have an interesting read? Check out TibiaMagazine.com.ve and enjoy!
TibiaMaps.io TibiaMaps.io Main contact: Mathias Bynens
TibiaMaps is a project revolving around the Tibian map, obviously. Map exploration is a lot of work, so they are not only offering what they have discovered so far, but they are also looking for your help. Pay them a visit if you are up for some exploring yourself, or simply interested in their exploration results.
TibiaMisterios.com.br TibiaMisterios.com.br Main contact: Getshock
Você fala Português? Interested in Tibian mysteries? In legendary items? Old stories? Then TibiaMisterios.com is your place to visit! The fansite offers all kinds of interesting and mysterious information about Tibia in Portuguese! They also have a vivid facebook community and will provide you with all sorts of information and news about what is going on in the Tibian lands!
TibiaTV.com.br TibiaTV.com.br Main contact: Milena Zare
On TibiaTV.com.br you can find a huge collection of videos. Are you interested in tutorials, quests, or hunting grounds? You will surely find something interesting to watch here. If you like creating videos yourself, you can also send in your own video projects. Apart from that, they also offer their own forum. Check them out if you are interested in videos about Tibia!
TibiaTome.com TibiaTome.com Main contact: Crunchie Mantis
TibiaTome.com is a cute Tibia fansite with a strong focus on video tutorials. Apart from their guides, they also offer a couple of useful tools and further information that can be helpful when playing Tibia.
TibiaWars.com TibiaWars.com Main contact: Bubexel
Are you interested in Tibia wars? Do you want to know what is happening during a war and stay updated on battles and frags? Do you want to know who won a previous battle? Then you should pay a visit to TibiaWars.com, a fansite that helps you to keep track of many different battles and will provide you with plenty of war stats.
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